Why We're Here

We make it easier to use data for the problems that matter.

Today we use big data to calculate the quickest route home and track our food deliveries. Yet we can’t use data to calculate the safest route home or track food distributed for people under the poverty line.

The big data revolution is here. Why aren’t the world's most critical problems a part of it?

These are the types of problems that dictate the health, security, and happiness of over seven billion people. These problems need our full attention. Not in one year or five years or ten years. Right now.

Let’s step into the ring and use data to give these problems a fair fight.

Our purpose in action

We’re proud to have worked with hundreds of amazing organizations over the past 3 years. Through these collaborations, we’ve worked to combat one of the largest floods in India’s history, investigate the root cause of maternal mortality, helped one of the largest philanthropic foundations invest for the greatest impact, and drive development for every household and village in India.