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We are a team of engineers, data scientists and entrepreneurs united by one common belief — that data intelligence can play a role in solving the world’s most critical challenges.

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The big data revolution is here.

And it's powering everything from taxis to food delivery.
But what about real, lasting, meaningful change?
Safest route home
Safest route home?
National health budget
National health budget?
Better governance
Better governance?
Best local school
Best local school?
Drought-prone villages
Drought-prone villages?
Disaster relief
Disaster relief?

These are the types of problems that influence the lives of over 7 billion people.

These problems need our full attention. Not in one year or five years or ten years. Right now.

Join SocialCops in its mission to fight these problems with data.

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How big data can influence decisions that actually matter

Our work

Our data intelligence platform has played a role in transforming the way decisions are made for over 150 organizations in 7 countries.

SocialCops is taking big data in a direction that very few companies have been able to do: providing data and insights that can help solve real problems for most of the planet.

I am thrilled with the pioneering work that Social Cops is doing. We are limited only by our imagination in terms of how technology can address the challenges facing humanity.

I love it when our startups step up to solve very big problems! Innovation in India. Innovated for India.

The thing that separates SocialCops is the passion of the founders and clarity of their purpose. They are the easiest group to work with if you want to use big data to look beyond just marketing and revenue. Data has a bigger purpose, and SocialCops helps you get there.

  • Why Design Matters: Designing a Data Platform to Solve Problems That Matter

    Designing to help anyone find the specific knowledge and insights they need from massive data sets will be one of the biggest challenges in the big data revolution.

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  • Why I Moved to the Startup World to Drive Better Governance in India

    I joined SocialCops to drive large-scale impact. Here I am, ten months later, working closely with top bureaucrats on a deployment that will affect 50 million Below Poverty Line women.

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  • Android Development for the Rural World: A How-To Guide

    Building for the “next billion” — a world that hasn't seen the internet age — is an immense challenge, thanks to difficulties posed by the lack of internet, electricity, and low-cost devices.

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  • Engineering Systems to Solve Hard Problems: Data Startup for the Developing World

    Processing public data in India is a hard problem. It's not just because of inconsistencies in data. It's because the data is in different formats, unstructured, in local languages, and impossible to parse through one Python script.

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  • 7 Common Myths About Working With the Indian Government

    I was told that driving real change requires years of waiting until you are gray-haired and your opinion counts enough. However, though the average age of our partnerships team is just 24, many government officials we have worked with care about our opinion on important issues.

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