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Some people have the chance to build products that people love. We've stumbled upon the chance to build a company that people respect — one that solves critical global problems and truly stands the test of time.

What we believe

We don't sell products. We solve problems.

When we founded SocialCops, we didn’t set out to build a big data platform. Instead, our goal was to use data to solve important problems. Our platform emerged from this quest, with every feature built to solve real problems we've dealt with in the field.

We get our hands dirty

We build for the harshest conditions — coaxing insights out of the ugliest data sets and performing perfectly even without internet. Doing this means staying close to our users — even if it takes our engineers travelling to the remotest corners of the world.

We go where we’re needed the most

Few challenges are as difficult as fighting maternal mortality in rural India or responding effectively to a devastating natural disaster. Instead of shying away from these problems, we embrace them as part of our fight for a better world. We go where we are needed the most and confront the toughest problems we can find.

How It Works

Companies write goals. We create our dreams.

At the beginnning of the year, we started our Dream Wall. Everyone in the team added their hopes and goals for SocialCops, ranging from live aloo parathas to shaping India's future on our platform.

We celebrate our wins...

The highlight of everyone's week is Friday Demo, when teams show off awesome new features and developments.

How It Works

...and embrace failures

Our Fail Wall celebrates our most embarassing moments, from math mistakes and typos to forgetting features of our own products.

How It Works
How It Works

We work together...

We’re artists and economists. Americans, Brits, and Indians. 19 and 42 year olds. As individuals, we couldn’t be more different. As a team, we work as one to solve unparalleled challenges.

How It Works

...and are always learning

From Day 1, everyone is constantly learning new tricks and tools. One team member learned 17 new software in her first 3 months!

How It Works

We're always having fun

From intense Xbox tournaments and trading music on Slack to weekend games of Captain's Ball, cricket, and basketball, we love to take a break and hang out as a team.

What it's like to work at SocialCops

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