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Product & Engineering

We're the wizards behind SocialCops' data intelligence platform, solving complex problems like how to build for the offline world. There's never a boring moment, whether it's making a Slack coffee bot or building a dashboard to be launched by the Prime Minister. Our next big challenges? 3D data viz, AR, VR, automatic data transformation, narrative science, and building for immense scale.

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Research & Analysis

We transform messy data into insights that drive massive impact. On any given day, we are likely to be reconciling contradictory data sets, processing millions of data points, and discovering astonishing insights. Our next big challenge is building precise models from jumbles of unruly, irregular data and automating the data intelligence behind our platform.

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Deployment Management

From tackling on-ground deployments to collaborating with everyone from cabinet ministers to district collectors, we are trusted advisors to the government. We work with the government, not for them. We are always thinking two steps ahead and building innovative solutions to solve their problems. Our next big challenge is making SocialCops synonymous with Data for Impact.

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We don't use playbooks to memorize sales pitches. We act as advisors — exploring our partners' problems, working together to craft innovative solutions, and bringing happiness to every customer experience. In 4 years, we've gone from deployments that affect 5 people to 50 million people. Our next big challenge? Build partnerships that keep scaling up our work. The sky's the limit.

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Talent, Strategy & Operations

We are the backbone of the company, supporting each person we hire and deployment we take on. We start by bringing the right kind of people onboard — not handing out jobs, but building careers. We then act as the guardians of our culture and team, keeping the company running like a well-oiled machine. Our next big challenge? Few companies retain their culture as they scale up; our job is to protect the values and practices we hold dear as we keep growing.

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Marketing & Growth

We are the window that connects SocialCops to the external world. From running the website, writing blogs, managing SocialCops' media presence, making videos, documenting our work and showing off our culture, we do everything that connects our brand to its followers. Our next big challenge is spreading data intelligence and the SocialCops brand across the country and the world.

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