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Kick off your career with supersonic growth

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Our interns set off on journeys of incredible growth

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What it's like to work at SocialCops

Behind the scenes: what our interns and recent grads worked on in the past year

Saurav demoing his work

Data Science

Estimating population on a 1-km grid

A first year student, Saurav just hoped to work on a live project during his summer internship. He ended up working with geospatial data, statistical data and satellite data to estimate Maharashtra's 2018 population on 1-km grids.

Sourabh speaking in Sri Lanka

Data Analysis

Analytics for India's national data platform

When Sourabh joined SocialCops after college, he barely knew R. In the next year, he wrote 450k lines of code, worked on 130+ data sets, and joined the core team for DISHA (India's national data platform) and India's national SDG tracker.

Parth demoing his work

Machine Learning

Detecting roads from satellite imagery

In his first week, Parth (a second year student) turned a company's sales data into an algorithm for new product launches. He then built an image recognition algorithm using Skynet and Robosat to detect roads from satellite images.

Divyansh speaking to students


Taking a new product to market

Divyansh started as a super intern, doing 2 internships before joining after graduation. Just three months later, he's spoken to dozens of potential customers, hosted AMA sessions, and given talks to bring a new product to market.

Nishant at work

Frontend Engineering

Migrating our front-end stack to Vue.js

As a summer intern, Nishant migrated our flagship product Collect from Backbone.js to Vue.js. After joining a year later, he's built the front-end for a new product to help data science teams work together 10x better.

Aviral at work

Data Engineering

Setting up new data infrastructure

As an intern, Aviral used Kafka to introduce event-sourcing mechanisms — automating pricing alerts & other complex models. Now, after joining full time, he's setting up new data infrastructure following Polyglot persistence principles.

Tanay at work

Backend Engineering

Better data collaboration on Google Sheets

Tanay joined as an intern and started developing production features for a product with users in 50 countries! He used Mongo Connector to help users export data in near real time from Collect to Google Sheets.

Siddharth demoing his work

Growth Marketing

Driving a global marketing campaign

A first year MBA-Marketing student, Siddharth had never run ads. In just 8 weeks, he became an expert with LinkedIn, Facebook and Quora ads, email marketing, and Google Analytics and Hubspot.

Astha watching a Friday demo

Marketing & Content

Creating our brand voice from scratch

When Astha joined as a 6-month intern, she took over our social media channels. She later joined full-time and went on to create a marketing campaign for our internship program and become a full stack marketer for Collect.

Internships at SocialCops

We're excited to open our 2019 internship program

Think you're up for the challenge of a fast-paced startup with big projects and even bigger responsibilities?
Learn more about our internships

We're excited to open our 2019 internship program

Think you're up for the challenge of a fast-paced startup with big projects and even bigger responsibilities?
Learn more about our internships
  • I joined SocialCops to learn what it takes to build great companies. The real fun is not to work with the Googles or Apples of the world, but to take the company there and become one of them by building great products.

    Rohan Goel


    (Started as a 6-month intern)

    Rohan Goel
  • Having this kind of experience so early in your career shapes you as an individual. I joined 2 years ago as an intern, seeking to do some real work. Working here not only helped me create a difference in the outside world but within myself as well.

    Ankita Mathur

    Research & Analytics

    (Started as a 3-month intern)

    Ankita Mathur
  • At SocialCops, you get to work not only on a diverse set of interesting problems but also on the ones that actually affect people's lives. From joining as an intern to building India's first data platform, my journey has been absolutely steep.

    Vipul Bhavsar


    (Completed 2 internships before joining full-time)

    Vipul Bhavsar
  • I love that marketing at SocialCops is not just about the leads and MRR, but about creating experiences and truly solving users' problems. What makes it more special is the different work, creative freedom, and super unconventional team.

    Astha Rattan


    (Started as a 3-month part-time intern)

    Astha Rattan
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