The world’s most resilient data collection tool

Collecting data just couldn't be easier


Create a survey

Create and publish a form on our simple web dashboard.


Collect data

Run your form in the field on low-cost Android devices.


View data

Monitor incoming data, flag errors, and download the final data set.

No Internet Required

No internet, no problem

Don’t get held back in remote areas. Collect data anywhere, anytime — no internet required. Your data will save to local storage and sync with our servers whenever you connect to internet.

Monitor what matters most to you

Collect is the only app in the world with built-in monitoring that works offline. Track entities (people, places, projects, and more) over time without having to re-enter baseline information every time.

No code, no hassle

Our simple web dashboard makes creating a form as easy as typing an email. Just add your questions, then easily add validations and skip logic to improve data quality.

Track and map your forms

Collect makes it easy to track your phone or tablet’s GPS location, no matter where you are. Automatically record the GPS location of each survey, or view a satellite map of your area and tag your location. All without internet.

  • 460 global languages

    Create a form in any language. The app itself is available in 12 languages, and we're already ready to add more languages on request.

  • Real-time data syncing

    Connect to the internet and watch your dashboard automatically update with new data. No lag period or down time.

  • Add complex skip logic

    Use layers of skip logic to make any form quicker and easier. Link together multiple questions, or even link entire forms.

  • Add data validations

    Set geographic boundaries on GPS points, rules for numerical questions, selection limits for multiple choice questions, and more.

20 question types

Collect any type of data with everything from simple subjective questions to complex group questions.


  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Email
  • Filter


  • Numerical
  • Date
  • Time
  • Scale
  • Phone Number
  • Calculation


  • Photo
  • Audio
  • Signature
  • Barcode


  • Map
  • Geolocation


  • Section Break
  • Note


  • Group
  • Monitoring
  • Identifier

Find and fix ugly data

Integrate Collect with Transform to set up real-time consistency checks based on pre-set algorithms or validations. Transform will identify bad data and send flags back to Collect, then people in the field can re-collect that data.

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Love for Collect

Collect's user interface is amazing. You just don't feel like using other apps. This is an app that I always want to come back to.

We collect data from the most remote, rural primary health centres in Uttar Pradesh where network is very poor. Collect allows us to collect data completely without internet — and most importantly, it works seamlessly!

With Collect, we could create a common platform across multiple states and districts. Our program quickly scaled to 10 geographies, requiring language support across multiple languages, which Collect could manage with ease!

Our field staff are 7th class Marathi-speaking women who might be using smartphones for the first time. It took very little time to train them to use Collect as it is so easy and intuitive to use!

Collect high-quality data from anywhere. No coding or internet required.

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