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Monitoring & Evaluation Tool
for Projects

Monitoring & Evaluation Tool for Projects

Trace the impact of multiple projects and measure your true progress, with credible evidence captured on the field, with Collect.

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Works anywhere without internet

Collect data easily, even in remote areas.

No coding or servers needed

Create and deploy your forms in a few minutes.

Share forms with your teams easily

Create & manage teams for seamless field deployments.

Powerful features to ensure data accuracy

Apply unlimited skip logic and validations.

M&E professionals trust Collect

When analysing big data, one of the major setbacks is data sorting time. I am particularly impressed with how much Collect reduces data sorting time with its data download options. The data is already sorted, ready for analysis.

With Collect, we could create a common platform across multiple states and districts. Our program quickly scaled to multiple geographies, which Collect could manage with ease!

Our field staff are 7th class Marathi-speaking women who might be using smartphones for the first time. It took very little time to train them to use Collect as it is so easy and intuitive to use!

It is the quality of the support provided by SocialCops that sets them apart from competitors. They were always available to answer questions and provide technical support when needed. We were so impressed by the product and the company that we are again working with SocialCops!

Create Form on Desktop

No code, no hassle

Our simple web dashboard makes creating a form as easy as typing an email. Just add your questions, then easily add validations and skip logic to improve data quality.

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Monitor any entity using baseline data
Never re-enter baseline information again
Use smart filters to search for specific entities

Monitor what matters most to you

  • Collect is the only app in the world with built-in monitoring that works offline. Track entities (people, places, projects, and more) over time.

  • Don't waste your time entering the same baseline data over and over again. Simply view all your entities, filter the results, and choose the right one.

  • Too many entities to easily search? No problem. Just convert baseline data into filters to help you quickly filter and search for specific entities.


Unify baseline, program, and impact data

Collect baseline data at the beginning of your project, monitor every interaction with beneficiaries, use intelligent flags to detect potential problems, and assess your impact — all in the same place.

Create Form on Desktop

Communicate your impact to the world

Share your impact with stakeholders, funders, and the public through beautiful graphs and charts. Use static visualizations for reports or interactive ones to engage with the public.

Collect only valid data with these powerful features

Collect only valid data with these powerful features

Image Capture

Set benchmarks for the photos' quality. Use the phone camera or gallery.

Multilingual Forms

Create your consumer survey in multiple local languages.

Audio and Video

Capture rich media data for qualitative analysis and deeper insights.

GPS Locations

Capture location coordinates via satellite even when offline.

Works Offline

Collect data even in remote areas without internet or mobile connectivity.

Team Management

Control access and manage field teams on the go for seamless deployments.

Validation Checks

Keep out bad data by setting rules for what data is and isn't allowed.

Skip Logic

Use conditionality or linked questions to make any form quicker and easier.

Our platform powers data-driven initiatives for over 150 nonprofits around the world.



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