Collect Data with Offline Mobile Forms

Capture high quality data even in remote areas with Collect. Build and deploy offline mobile forms in just a few clicks.
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No mobile network or internet required

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Store responses on mobile devices

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Capture even media & location data

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Sync data when connection resumes

No Internet Required

No internet, no problem

Don’t get held back in remote areas. Collect data anywhere, anytime — no internet required. Your data will save to local storage and sync with our servers whenever you connect to internet.

Collect better data with these powerful advanced features from Collect.

Image Capture

Collect an image from the camera or its gallery, and set benchmarks for the quality of collected photos.

Data Flagging

Check data as it is collected, flag bad data, and send it back to surveyors for checking or re-collection.

Team Management

Create team hierarchies that match your organizational hierarchy for seamless field deployments on the go.


Track entities (people, programs, etc.) over time without having to re-enter baseline information.

Data Validations

Keep out bad data by setting rules for what data is and isn't allowed for each question in your survey.

Time Stamps

Keep an eye on your data with time stamps, which automatically record when a response is submitted.

Multilingual Forms

Create a survey in any language, or translate the entire app into one of our pre-set languages.

Audio Capture

Hear exactly what's going on in the field with audio questions, which record an audio snippet.

All kinds of data...

Collect any type of data with everything from simple subjective questions to complex group questions.


  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Email
  • Filter


  • Numerical
  • Date
  • Time
  • Scale
  • Phone Number
  • Calculation


  • Photo
  • Audio
  • Signature
  • Barcode


  • Map
  • Geolocation


  • Section Break
  • Note


  • Group
  • Monitoring
  • Identifier

We collect data from the most remote, rural primary health centres in Uttar Pradesh where network is very poor. Collect allows us to collect data completely without internet — and most importantly, it works seamlessly!

Thirumalai T.N.
Thirumalai T.N.

M&E Specialist

India Health Action Trust

Collect high-quality data from anywhere. No coding or internet required.

No Credit Card Required.