Planning For Data Collection

Master the basic concepts, tools and tips you need to create an effective data collection plan in this online course.

Data Collection Free Online Course

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What Does This Course Cover?

With video-based lectures, exhaustive reading resources and real-life examples from the field, this online course will introduce you to the basics of planning for data collection.


What Information Is Needed?

Measure and capture critical identifiers and subject-related information in your field survey.


What Information Is Available?

Learn about accessibility of data, resource constraints and sensitivity of survey questions.


What Information Is Useful?

Uncover hidden data collection costs and capture the exact data needed to measure your goals.


Mobile Data Collection vs Paper-Based Surveys

Evaluate how mobile-based data collection can lead to less time, lower costs, and richer data.


Mobile Data Collection Methods

Compare different digital data collection tools such as IVRS, SMS, and app-based mobile data collection.


Budgetary, Technology and Logistics Factors

Learn about device costs, personnel training and logistics, data security, and choosing a data partner.

Who Should Take This Course?

By thinking critically about the fundamentals of data collection — such as what indicators to measure, what tools to use, what costs to account for and what factors to consider — you can create a basic data collection framework for conducting baseline surveys, market research studies, program monitoring and evaluation, etc.

This course should be taken by independent researchers, field managers and program officers from nonprofits, philanthropies, governments and other development organizations who are looking to use data to monitor their programs, track their performance and measure impact.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

  • Build a data collection framework and plan
  • Measure the cost of your data collection activity
  • Compare mobile-based vs paper-based data collection methods
  • Choose between different mobile-based data collection tools
  • Evaluate budgetary, technology and logistical factors for data collection

Clear, direct and easy to understand — this course is excellent! The use of real-life examples, case studies and video recaps made learning a breeze.

This course provides great information on preparing for field data collection. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who collect data or is involved in planning for data collection.

This course is really useful! It helped me revisit the nuances of data collection and strengthened my experience on the subject.