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Services for Data Collection Projects
Scope your Data Collection Project

Scoping Your Data Collection Project

The aim of scoping is to get an in-depth understanding of field activities required for the success of a data collection exercise. It includes:
  • Understanding the field staff — team hierarchy, technological literacy, experience, etc.
  • Identifying regional challenges — languages, internet availability, mobile penetration, etc.
  • Accounting for the nature of the data collection — resources required, frequency of collection, etc.
Design Survey Forms

Survey Planning & Questionnaire Design

Designing the right data collection forms and ensuring that you capture all the right data is fundamental to successful data collection. This includes:
  • Designing the most appropriate forms — adding the right questions, incorporating knowledge of the survey population, and making the forms user-friendly and easy to analyze.
  • Ensuring high-quality data collection — adding a set of data validations, skip logic, and running thorough quality checks.
  • Mapping indicators and outcomes — ensuring that the key outcomes that need to be met can be defined, indicators can be mapped, and outcomes can be attained.
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Implement Your Project on the Collect App

Implementation on the Collect Platform

Leverage the various capabilities of Collect to amplify the impact and quality of your data collection project.

Our team of experts specializing in mobile data collection and the Collect platform will work closely with you to design your forms, deploy them, and set up your team hierarchy on your Collect account.

Hands-On Training

Training Your Team

Equip your team with the right knowledge and skills for seamless data collection.

Our team will conduct regular training and onboarding sessions for all your team members involved in the project. It consists of both virtual webinars and on-site training to equip your staff with the best practices on mobile data collection, onboard them to the Collect application, and make them well-versed with your data collection forms.

Pilot & Field Test

Piloting and Testing Your Data Collection

Primary data collection can face several challenges on the field. Piloting helps in testing the different aspects of a data collection and minimizing potential roadblocks.

An important aspect of collecting data at scale is acquiring feedback from the ground, and incorporating it into the data collection forms and the overall process in order to build a robust data collection mechanism. Our team will work with you to pilot and test your data collection plan before finalizing it.

Get Premium Support

Premium Support

Get hands-on support throughout your data collection process — whatever you need, whenever you need.

In addition to our online help desk and dedicated support team, we also offer premium support for our users. Premium support means that one of our team members will be constantly available to assist you throughout your project — whether you're just getting started or need a deep-dive into the nitty gritties of the platform.

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Visualize Collected Data on Dashboards

The Next Step: Visualizing Your Collected Data

Stopping at data collection is not enough. Visualizing your data can help you focus on exactly what you need and make better decisions faster.

Our visualization platform Visualize transforms your data into easy-to-use dashboards. These dashboards are made up of a set of data visualizations that highlight hidden patterns and convert raw data into quick insights. Our team will work with you to convert your data into these compelling data visualization dashboards.

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