What Is Data Intelligence?

What Is Data Intelligence?

Today’s way of using data — both the data we use and how we use it — is broken.
Data intelligence is the solution.

How we use data to make big decisions today

Big decisions use little data

Since much of today’s data is so difficult and hard to work with, even the most important decisions only rely on a small subset of the world's data — the data you already have or data that's easy to get. But this small subset of the world’s data isn't enough for big decisions.

Decisions are slow, complicated, and often ineffective

This is how many organizations make big, important decisions today. Many of the steps in this process are riddled with inefficiencies and problems.

How It Works

The problems with today's decision-making process


Too many external people involved

It's not the consultants, researchers, or analysts in charge of this process but instead the people in the organization that best know the small, complex details of their own problem.


Uses consultants, not data experts

Data experts — not consultants — best know the obscure sites where data is hidden, and how to quickly and effectively assess the quality of online data.


Digital data collection is difficult

Paper data collection just isn’t feasible for lots of data, but market researchers can have trouble doing digital data collection in areas with poor connectivity.


Data matching is tricky

Matching data across different data sets is notoriously difficult, especially when data was put together by different people with different methodologies.


Output doesn't help the decision

An organization doesn’t need a 100-page report — which is slow and difficult to consume — to make a decision. It just needs the most important data insights.


Not sustainable over time

What happens if an organization needs to make a similar decision in one year's time? They have to go through this entire process all over again!

Data intelligence is a better way to make an important decision with data.

Data intelligence mimics how your brain naturally makes a decision.

Imagine you want to buy a mobile phone. How would you use data to figure out what phone to buy?
1. Gather internal data
2. Add external data
3. Find data to fill the gaps
4. Process the data
5. Make a decision

Here's what your brain does...

  • First, you use the data you already have – your own preferences and past experiences about different phones.

  • Next you search for external data on the internet – prices of other phones in the market, reviews, features.

  • You might go to a store and check out how a certain phone looks, or talk to friends who have the phones you’re thinking about buying.

  • Since you have lots of data, it's important to bring it all together. You sort through the data, discard what’s irrelevant, and weigh the pros and cons.

  • Finally, you use all the data to come to a final decision — the phone you want to buy.

Our data intelligence platform

Our platform brings the brain's intuitive decision-making process from small, personal decisions to complex, multi-stakeholder decisions with difficult data.

How It Works

We first pull data from scattered internal systems of organizations. Then we add context through over 600 sources of public data — all the data that is normally inaccessible because it’s so bad. And finally, we collect data to fill in the gaps, using our Android app that works completely offline.

Then, once we have all the data we need, we merge, structure, and transform the mass of data into insights, then visualize those insights to make the best decision blindingly obvious.

Use data intelligence to make your next decision easier, faster, and more effective.

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Data intelligence in action

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