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Use our platform to glean insights from the world's most difficult data and make complex decisions feel effortless, all through data intelligence.

The Inner Workings of our Platform

Our data intelligence platform transforms all available data — collected from the ground up, sourced from external data sets, and extracted from elaborate internal systems — into intelligent insights that make the best decision crystal clear.

How It Works
Data Collection
Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection Tool

Use our data collection tool to create surveys in no time, then collect high-quality data in the most remote corners of the world on an Android app that will conquer every challenge.

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Access External Data on Dashboard

External Data Engine

Draw upon a massive repository of verified, reliable data from the government and other public sources. All cleaned, verified, and unified for the first time.

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Transform Bad Data with Tool

Data Transformation Engine

The ugliest data has finally met its match. Transform converts mountains of incompatible, unclean data into clear insights.

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Visualize Data on Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

No matter what decision you’re making, Visualize reveals the insights you need in seconds. No spreadsheets, no analysts, no endless meetings — just answers.

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Love for our Platform

It's amazing that I can sit in my office and see what is happening across 20 field locations in real time.

SocialCops made our data come alive with very professional interactive and easy-to-use dashboards. On top of their excellent platform, the SocialCops team are just nice people to work with!

It is the quality of the support provided by SocialCops that sets them apart from competitors. They were always available to answer questions and provide technical support when needed. We were so impressed by the product and the company that we are again working with SocialCops!

I couldn't have asked for a better experience collaborating with SocialCops.

We can't wait to partner with you to solve your most critical problems.

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