Tracking the UN Sustainable Development Goals through Data Intelligence

A data-driven approach to Agenda 2030

UN agencies and governments around the world are using data to measure, track and align their country's development efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework.

With unified real-time data about every key sector and government project, officials can unify targets for every goal in one place, monitor goal progress across geographies and sectors, and carry course correction at just the right time.

Watch the video demo to learn how the UN is using data to easily monitor and track the SDGs.

All UN SDG data in one place

The first step of achieving the SDGs is tracking them. This must start with data about government development initiatives from multiple sources — government databases, MIS systems, journals and reports.

Next is layering that data with secondary data from over hundreds of public data sources, then analyzing and visualizing a complete data-driven picture for each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Then government leaders can not only see the performance of their programs across the country, but also measure how they are contributing towards achieving the larger agenda of each goal.

Keys for data-driven SDG tracking

  • Identify gaps and trends across the entire country, different states or even districts.
  • Plan interventions, both at a grassroot and a national level, to address critical gaps.
  • Measure how close you are to meeting targets under global goals through critical indicators.
  • Align existing government programs to specific goals under the United Nations SDG framework.
  • Track progress by comparing critical indicators against the national or United Nations benchmark.
  • Poll the public to get real-time feedback on the country's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) progress.


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