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Empowering Women through Self-Help Groups


Deepalaya established over 1,000 women's self-help groups to fight gender discrimination. They used Collect, our mobile data collection app, to conduct thorough impact assessments, covering 12,000 women across 84 villages.






villages covered


self-help groups


women financed

₹410 mil.

total loans given

The Problem

Assessing the impact of 1,000 self-help groups

Gender discrimination is rampant in the Mewat district of Haryana, where women often aren't given a say in family decisions and education is a distant dream.

To combat this, Deepalaya created a comprehensive Self-Help Group (SHG) program. They started with just 3 SHGs in 5 villages, reaching a total of 48 women. 12 years later, the same program now reaches out 12,000 women in 1,000 SHGs across 84 villages.

However, this rapid growth made it difficult for Deepalaya to assess the effectiveness and impact of its SHGs.

The Solution

Collecting impact data from 12,000 women

Deepalaya partnered with us to conduct a thorough impact assessment study. They used Collect, our mobile data collection app, to collect data on both the basic condition of each SHG and its deeper financial, educational, social, gender, and cultural impacts.

We have been working in the microfinancing sector to empower women for 35 years. Yet we have always struggled to understand our impact. Now we can track every single woman in our program every day.

T.K. Mathew
T.K. Mathew


20 question types
No code, no hassle
Create data validations
Add skip logic
  • With everything from simple subjective questions to complex tabular questions, collecting comprehensive data was no problem.

  • Our simple web dashboard made creating a form as easy as writing an email. Admins could build a custom survey in no time.

  • Admins could set rules on numerical questions, geographic boundaries on GPS points, selection limits for multiple choice questions, and more.

  • Layers of skip logic made each form quicker and easier. Admins can choose to link together multiple questions, or even link entire forms.

Optimized for low-tech users
No internet needed
Monitoring every SHG
Geotagging each survey
  • With 12,000 women to monitor, Deepalaya had to move quickly. Features like local language capability and an intuitive UI/UX made learning Collect a breeze.

  • Mewat is prone to terrible service. Collected data was continuously saved to phones' local storage, then synced when internet was available.

  • Monitoring made it easy for Deepalaya to consistently track data from each self-help group and monitor their impact.

  • Deepalaya captured the GPS location of every survey to keep an eye on their field workers and ensure that incoming data was authentic.

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