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Surveying and Mapping India's Parking Lots


Get My Parking is a Delhi-based startup that aims to solve India's parking crisis with its mobile app. They use Collect, our mobile data collection app, to map and collect real-time data for parking lots across the country.


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The Problem

Building a digital map of India's urban parking lots

Get My Parking is a startup that aims to solve the parking crisis in India by making parking lots more transparent, efficient, and accessible to the average urban commuter. A commuter can log on to Get My Parking’s mobile app, locate a parking lot, and check the availability of spaces — all within a couple of minutes.

Building a digital map of all of India's parking lots is not easy — a full list of parking lots is not available online or offline. Moreover, Get My Parking also needed data on the size and infrastructure of each parking lot, plus real-time information about spaces available. All this information needed to be collected from the ground up.

We have our own tech team, but we thought 'Why should we invest our resources and time in reinventing what SocialCops has already mastered?'

Rasik Pansare


Get My Parking

The Solution

Mapping the geolocations of parking lots with Collect

Get My Parking used Collect to collect all relevant data about parking lots — the location of the parking lot, current infrastructure, pricing model, ownership, and more. They have now mapped more than 4,000 parking lots across 12 cities in India — and they’re only getting started.

20 question types
No code, no hassle
Create data validations
Add skip logic
  • With everything from simple subjective questions to complex tabular questions, collecting comprehensive data was no problem.

  • Our simple web dashboard made creating a form as easy as writing an email. Admins could build a custom survey in no time.

  • Admins could set rules on numerical questions, geographic boundaries on GPS points, selection limits for multiple choice questions, and more.

  • Layers of skip logic made each form quicker and easier. Admins can choose to link together multiple questions, or even link entire forms.

Optimized for low-tech users
Geotag each parking lot
Capture high-quality images
No internet needed
  • Get My Parking’s field staff were first-time smartphone users, but they had no trouble with Collect. Features like local language capability and an intuitive UI/UX made training a breeze.

  • Get My Parking geotagged the location of every parking lot, even without internet. Staff could rely on the phone’s GPS location or view a satellite map of their area and select their location.

  • The media features in Collect helped Get My Parking capture photos of parking lots for their consumer-facing mobile application.

  • Even India’s biggest cities are prone to terrible service. In locations with limited mobile data, data was saved to the phone’s local storage, then synced with servers when internet was available.

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Collect is incredibly easy to use in the field. Some of our field staff weren’t able to use Google Maps, but they could use Collect. I had to teach a staff member how to use Whatsapp, but he taught himself how to use Collect.

Rasik Pansare
Rasik Pansare


Get My Parking

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